Thursday, July 7, 2011

They said "I do"

This past 4th of July weekend, Neal & I were in Charlotte for an awesome wedding! Amanda, a good friend from Elon, and her fiance, Frank, tied the knot on Sunday. It just so happens to be the anniversary of another couple who were celebrating 1 year of marriage. I'd say it's a pretty great day to get married.

The weekend started out with driving around from one Men's Warehouse to another and then back the original sotre to get the Man of Honor's tux. Don't worry, the tux was at the first store. We just drove 18 miles one way to find that out. And had to turn around again. I would show you a picture of our exasperated faces, but we were too busy laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. Good times, BCG, good times.

On Saturday we had the pleasure of attending a lake day party at the bride's parents' house. We enjoyed food, drinks, fun in the sun (and in the lake) and lots of pool noodle jokes. The bride, groom and wedding party had fabulous tshirts designed by the one and only Rebecca Schum Uri. You can see the happy couple's shirts below. Don't they look excited?

Photo by Cara Eshleman

The wedding day was beautiful and sunny. Everyone had time to sleep in. The bridal party got ready, took pictures and assisted the bride with her gorgeous dress and jewelry. We relaxed before the ceremony with cokes and laughs. All smiles all around. And Amanda's eyes are open!

 Me & the bride!

The ceremony was short and sweet. The couple's friend, Jeremiah, married them after becoming a certified bishop minister via the internet. How fun! Remember on Friends when Joey married Monica & Chandler? It was kind of like that, only Jeremiah has the best southern accent ever. His soft cadence made the ceremony warm and friendly.

Pictures, the cocktail hour, introduction to the reception, the first dance and dinner were to follow the sweet ceremony. Then the party was on! Amanda & Frank opted for cupcakes and the vanilla was divine. I love their cake decoration!

Too funny

The bride and her attendants (me included) performed a sync dance to Slumdog Millionaire's Jai Ho, which is a celebration dance. Fitting, no? We took some moves from the actual dance at the end of the movie and added in a special move for the bride. I think our synchronization was a little off, but we had fun. I'll try to show you a video of the dance in a future post.

 Photo by Brian Uri

It was a fabulous weekend full of friends, good food, laughter & fun! I want a reunion weekend with Elon friends like this every year. Who's getting married next?


 TWO married couples :)


  1. Such a wonderful day to get married! Congrats to Amanda!

  2. Julie, I thought you'd think so. Hope you & Peter had a wonderful anniversary! I was thinking of you two :)


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