Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Burnt Sugar (and butter) Ice Cream

Shelburne Falls

Last summer when Neal & I were visiting his family in Massachusetts we drove to Shelburne Falls, MA and spent the afternoon enjoying the quaint town. There is a lovely pedestrian bridge, the Bridge of Flowers, which the locals maintain with many varieties of native plants and flowers. It's absolutely gorgeous and even has its own website!

We happened upon an ice cream shop along our walk through town. And who can resist an ice cream shop? Especially one that serves homemade ice cream? Not this girl. And what do you know, I found my new favorite flavor: Burnt Sugar and Butter. Smooth, just the right amount of sweetness, satisfying after taste, delicious. I've never found it anywhere else, which is a tragedy. Because it is so good. And everyone should have access to it.

About a week ago, Neal found a recipe for Burnt Sugar ice cream in Martha Stewart's The Martha Stewart Living Cook Book: The Original Classics. I was convinced it wouldn't be the same - it was only burnt sugar, not burnt sugar and butter - but excited to try it all the same. Neal labored away; apparently it's very difficult to make the burnt sugar custard. Burning the sugar just enough but not too much is a tricky task. But the result is a slightly bitter, light rust colored concoction that tastes like...burnt sugar. I know, that's a terrible description. It has a distinct burnt flavor, but also a sweet after taste. It's truly unique. If you have the patience, or a wonderful husband to make it for you, I highly recommend it.

However, I'm still on the search for burnt sugar and butter ice cream.


  1. Oh how I love little ice cream shops!! They don't exist like they used to!

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  2. Jen, that's so true! I think they're easier to find in small, charming towns. I'm always on the look out when I'm on vacation.


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