Monday, June 20, 2011

The allure of grass

It's Day 1 of Wimbledon. Venus is back from injury. So is Roddick. And of course Rafa is ready to defend his title. Tomorrow my beloved Serena is finally back after 50 weeks away due to injuries. Also tomorrow, Djokovic continues his amazing 2011 season. I'm excited to keep up with all the players and see the results of their matches. I even joined twitter so I could follow my favorites and get the inside scoop; you can find me: @brynspeak.

Probably the most interesting thing about this year's tournament thus far is the re-match of John Isner (USA) & Nicolas Mahut (FRA). You might (or might not probably don't) remember their infamous 1st round match last year. The longest match in history, spanning three days, taking more than 11 hours to complete and with the 5th set score of 70-68. I'm pretty sure that with all the hype surrounding this re-match one of them will win in straight sets tomorrow. But it's pretty unbelievable that they're meeting at Wimbledon in the first round, again.
While you're waiting for tennis coverage to resume - because you're all waiting, right? - you can check out this article that a lovely friend passed along to me: The most beautiful game by Geoff Dyer. Aside from his obvious adoration of Federer (ack!) it's a wonderful love letter to tennis. And I can't resist a good love letter to tennis.

Anyone else a tennis fan? Oh, just me? That's okay. I'll be sure to keep you all updated. Happy Monday!


  1. Oh, glad you liked that article! Have you ever read It's a very fun site that collects interesting articles from all over. That's where I spotted the tennis one!

  2. Julie, that Dyer article was great! I'll have to check out givemesomethingtoread. Thanks for the tip!


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